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George Koerner with Elfrieda in 1879 and advert in a San Antonia city directory in 1896

Some reviews of Rob Collinge’s Ancestors: A Tale of Two Worlds:

A GOOD READ Anyone interested in genealogy will find this story of two families fascinating. The culmination of countless hours of research has been brought to life in a novel telling the story of Rob Collinge’s ancestors’ journey from Europe to the New World and back again. I was unable to put it down and would thoroughly recommend it to anyone with an interest in family history.

ND, 5* on Amazon UK (25 April 2013)

IT’S A CRACKER Rob Collinge has written a modern day adventure about his ancestors which is a cracking read to boot. From Australia, it takes him to three regions of the world connected with branches of his family that he searches for and finds. Once started, it is difficult to put down.

Peter Rogers, 5* on Amazon (1 June 2013)

INTERESTING READ An interesting read that took me right back into history. What a fascinating story that not only gave an account of the author’s family history but also gave me an insight into life in a time that I knew nothing about.

Vam, 5* on Amazon (1 May 2013)

WELL PRODUCED AND WRITTEN Well done Rob,very interesting tale about your family history.The presentation is first class.The story line very interesting too.The East African bit took me by surprise,but wanted to know more.

Novice, 5* on Amazon (8 July 2013)

UNPUTDOWNABLE This is a most exciting family saga. The sheer breadth of character and geography had me glued to the pages. The writing style allows us to know these amazing characters and the events they endured or enjoyed. A very good read.

E Wilson, 5* on Amazon (22 August 2013)

BE PERSISTENT Anyone who has a desire to know more of their family history will be encouraged by “Ancestors”. Rob Collinge’s persistence, revealed in the closing chapters, and his findings, make for a story that plays on the emotions. The book is written in a style which is easy to read. It holds your attention. I commend it.

Oldschool, 5* on Amazon (5 September2013)

WELL DONE A great mix of fact and fiction. Rob and his son after extensive research unravelled his family history with astounding results,he has given his ancestors personalities and this and his easy style brings them to life, I found it difficult to put the book down,fact and fiction meld together and the book should stimulate anyone with an interest in geneology and like Rob there may be a few surprises in store for you also!

Bob Hennings, via contact form (3 October 2013)

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